The Noize Faktory – Episode 18

Hello my conspiring musical maniacs!  Welcome to another episode of the Noize Faktory!

This week we move our discussion about Rock N’ Roll being the first target of the cancel culture to the decade of the 1960’s.  This is the decade of the birth of the Conspiracy Theory, a term given to us by your friends at the CIA.  Funny that. Lot’s of mystery, lots of upheaval, lots of threats to the establishment, and just like in the 50’s, the decade ends with the deaths of some of the biggest names of the era, and the death of the peace and love movement. 

The Soundtrack for the week:

1) Come Alive – Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency
2) Manic Depression – Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick
3) Whatever It Takes To Survive – King King
4) I Didn’t Think She Would Do It – Joe Bonamassa
5) Lucky 7 – Jane N’ The Jungle
6) Espiritu Muerto – Queensryche
7) Home – Minefield
8) Wild Child – The Struts with Tom Morello
9) Ready To Roll – Shadow & The Thrill
10) Too Bad – Rival Sons