The Noize Faktory – Episode 15

Hello my maniacal music loving zombie killers!  We are about to be called up!

As the world descends into a barrel fucking contest judged by self important nipple twisting elitists who make Bob Costas and his brown eye….I mean pink eye, sorry, look like a solid source of moral guidance, I return with another thought provoking and deeply inspiring episode of the Noize Faktory.

My favorite thing about doing this show is my freedom of programming.  It’s radio in it’s purest form.  It’s radio the way it was intended.  I share what I find to be great songs from bands that I think you need to hear, and albums that you may have missed.  It’s my twist on rock music, sometimes a bit heavier, sometimes more bluesy, sometimes even funny, but it all seems to fit together nicely, and it defines the personality of this show. 

The News On The Noize Faktory Returns: McDonald’s Cult Classic, The McRib, is coming back! (did you tinkle a little?)

The Playlist:

1) The Rivals Sons – Keep On Swinging
2) Alice Cooper – Your Momma Won’t Like Me
3) Deep Purple – Doing It Tonight
4) Doomslide – I Want Your Sex
5) Shadow & The Thrill – Ready To Roll
6) Ricky Warwick – Fighting Heart
7) Screaming Eagles – Rock N’ Roll Soul
8) Europe – War Of Kings
9) Vandenberg – Let It Rain
10) Blue Oyster Cult – Take Me Away