The Noize Faktory – Episode 13

Hello my Mischievous Miscreants!  Welcome to another edition of The Noize Faktory!  I apologize I do rant a bit this week about a stupid article I read.  Very annoying to see such ignorance at a time when so many people are affected and out of work.  It’s as if Bob Costas, Joe Buck, Al Sharpton and Jim Florentine have had a foursome, and they have each given birth a million times to self centered morons, who cry because they aren’t getting enough attention on all their duck face pics, and selfies, so tantrums must be thrown, and they believe that their opinions take on new gravity because they believe they are internet famous.  I liked it better when the creeps had to stay in their basements, and were outcasts from society, and it wasn’t ok to sell yourself on the internet.  What’s your price?  Oh, just your self-respect?  Sounds fair. 

Remember my friends, in the end, we all make mistakes, learn to take responsibility, and you will always be able to look yourself in the mirror and hold your head up.  When you live a lie, you will be haunted by those you did wrong for eternity.  Unless of course they were assholes and you were just settling the score.  Then you will be fine. 🙂

The Playlist:

1) The Dead Daisies – Bustle & Flow
2) Ace Frehley & Robin Zander – 30 Days In The Hole
3) Ricky Warwick – Fighting Heart
4) Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Pressure
5) The Cold Stares – Ways
6) Marcus King – Say You Will
7) Monster Truck – Undone
8) Blue Pills – Kiss My Past Goodbye
9) Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency – Til’ The Real Thing Comes Along
10) Twenty Two Hundred – Why Can’t You Love Me?