The Noize Faktory – Episode 11

Hello all,

The music World was dealt a heavy blow this week with the tragic loss of a legend and pioneer, Eddie Van Halen.  This year has been hard in many ways, and has taken so many icons, legends, and musicians who were part of the soundtrack to our lives.  This show is to celebrate just a few of them, pay our respects, and share memories and stories of the impact they have had on our lives.  

Join me for a special edition of The Noize Faktory, raise your glasses to some of the characters that became part of our stories, and whose legacies we hold on to in our music collections, ticket stubs, t-shirts, and our memories!  

The Playlist:

1) Over The Mountain – Ozzy Osbourne
2) The Real Me – W.A.S.P.
3) Holy Water – Bad Company
4) Oh Well – Fleetwood Mac
5) Mean Street – Van Halen
6) I’ll Wait – Van Halen 
7) Love To Love – UFO 
8) YYZ – Rush 
9) Set Me Free – Sweet
10) Goodbye – Paul Stanley