The Noize Faktory – Episode 10

Hello my music loving miscreants!

The news is hilarious this week, I like keeping that light so we can all laugh together as you listen.  No matter how many crazy stories I find on the AP, they never cease to amaze me!  We as humans really need help!  Lots of great tunes this week, new music from some old friends, and a few new bands that should give you something to get excited about.

The Playlist:

1) Stoning The Devil – Crobot – Motherbrain
2) Freedom Is Mine – Wolfmother – Rock N’ Roll Baby
3) Lucky 7 – Jane N’ The Jungle
4) PTSD – Agency Panic
5) Tainted Blood – Blue Oyster Cult – The Symbol Remains
6) Battle Lessons – Damon Johnson & The Get Ready
7) Raise The Cain – Richie Kotzen
8) Troubles Coming – Royal Blood
9) The Wicked And The Cursed – The Cold Stares
10) Whisper A Prayer For The Dying – Coverdale/Page