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The Noize Faktory – Hour 34

The Noize Faktory – Hour 34

Well I’m a week and a day late, but here I am!  Still alive!  Its been a busy couple of weeks, and its not going to let up anytime soon.  I hope that this show makes up for it a bit.  There is definitely a theme…I didn’t do it on purpose there are just several songs about fire and dust in this one.  Odd how that happens!

Remember the Cream Always Rises To The Top!  So turn it on, put the volume up as loud as it can go, and dig into the sexiest hour of rock and roll anywhere!

The Playlist:

1) Before It Burns – Radio Moscow
2) Devil In The Dust – Screaming Eagles
3) Take The Power – The Cult
4) Fade Out – Rival Sons
5) It’s Over Now – Four By Fate
6) To The Flame – Monster Truck
7) Elected – Alice Cooper
8) Sea Of Fire – Leslie West
9) Combination – Aerosmith
10) Turned To Dust – The Sword

ALICE COOPER FOR PRESIDENT!!!!   A Troubled Man For Troubled Times!

The Noize Faktory – Hour 33

The Noize Faktory – Hour 33

Hello my rock soldiers,

We return with a super groovy, epic hour of rock that is guaranteed to provide you will plenty of ammo to stand up and destroy the Zombie Nation, not to mention drive your neighbors mad, and hopefully get them to move far far away, unless they have distinguished taste in music of course.

We wish Mr. Joe Perry well, he collapsed on stage last night, apparently going into full cardiac arrest, he is doing well at the hospital right now.

In an odd twist, I recently saw Whitford / St. Holmes live in Nashville, saw some Alice In Chains shows as well, great to catch up with Mike Inez, and in Nashville it was a packed house of rock luminaries, from John Corabi, Paul Taylor, Rachel Bolan, and Lizzy Hale to name a few.  Hopefully we will have some new music from all of those guys soon to share with you here.

The Playlist:

1) Show Me The Light – StoneRider
2) Shake Me Down – Broken Witt Rebels
3) Stand Up / Give it Up – Pat Travers
4) Dirty Diana – Shaman’s Harvest
5) Got Me Wrong – Alice In Chains
6) Crazy Horses – The Vintage Caravan
7) Shake It – Whitford / St. Holmes
8) Rotten To The Core – Lita Ford
9) Don’t You Give Me – Mach 22
10) Hero Of The World – WASP

The Noize Faktory – Hour 32

The Noize Faktory Hour 32

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This day is a reminder to me of just how lucky I have been in my life, the opportunities afforded to me here in the US have allowed me to live and experience things I may never had being from somewhere else, for that I am very thankful.  It also give me the opportunity to share music with all of you, my friends from around the world.  So lets celebrate with another hour of pure rock and roll here on the Noize Faktory!

The Playlist:

1) Winter Side Of Deranged – Scorpion Child
2) Selfish Lives – Queensryche
3) Doomsday Machine – Kadavar
4) Baby Boy – Rival Sons
5) Sixteenth Century Greensleeves – Rainbow
6) Father Time – Oliva
7) These Times Are Hard For Lovers – Four By Fate
8) All Shook Up – Humble Pie
9) Gettin’ Out – J. Geils Band
10) Abyss – Slave To The System