Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Noize Faktory – Hour 18


Hello, and Happy Easter to you all, or happy day after Easter as it were, I hope that most of you are enjoying a nice extra day off, and didn’t hurt yourselves too badly over the long weekend.

On this weeks episode of the the Noize Faktory we have some brand new music from Damon Johnson, Cheap Trick, and Jared James Nichols, along with much more!  I also get into the Wes Scantlin discussion after his band recently walked off the stage at a show, which has been all over the internet music sites.  We know he is a troubled man, and has been for a long while, but are their others that need to be questioned?

The Playlist:

1) Parasite – Ace Freely (feat. John 5)
2) I’ll Give You Love – Wild Horses
3) Gotta Keep On Movin’ – Whitford / St. Holmes
4) Haywire – Jared James Nichols
5) The Road To Damascus Street – Ricky Warwick
6) Nobody Usin’ – Damon Johnson
7) No Direction Home – Cheap Trick
8) Empty Temples – The Sword
9) Eye Of The Beholder – Wolfmother
10) Evil Thing – Voodoo Hill

The Noize Faktory – Hour 17


Hello my strong willed minions!  Welcome to another hour of the “award winning” Noize Faktory!  We haven’t really won any awards, but I always hear people say, “fake it until you make it”, so there you go!

This week we discuss, how hoping to see a form of music die in popularity differs from hoping to see an individual die, yes apparently that needs to be clarified, and I chat a bit about the possible demise of one of my favorite bands that came out of the 80’s.  I also share some great new music from Rival Sons with you, and I also dig into some great albums that you may not have heard that came out over the last 15 years or so.

Its a fun ride, so strap in, and turn it up!  The best rock, period!

The Playlist:

1) Masters Of War – Mountain w/Ozzy
2) Breath On A Window – Alice In Chains
3) Hell Ain’t Hard To Find – Ugly Kid Joe
4) Hollow Bones, Pt. 1 – Rival Sons
5) Fractured – Billy Idol
6) Closer To The Sun – Bad Barber
7) Saint – The Heavy Eyes
8) This Is Your Time – Black Country Communion
9) Pale Blue Eyes – Cadaver
10) Still Climbing – Cinderella

The Noize Faktory Hour 16


Well my friends, another hour is upon us.  This week I go backwards a bit to share some tracks from records you may have missed over the last few years or forty!  I dug up some gems that I love, some things that don’t get played as often as they should, or things that you may have never heard before just because rock radio wasn’t there to support the albums when they were released.

I hope that you guys enjoy this hour, it was a fun one to put together.

The Playlist:

1) Stranger In My Room – Year Long Disaster
2) If I Only Had A Reason – Trouble
3) Your Secret’s Safe With Me – Walking Papers
4) Way Back To The Bone – Trapeze
5) Freedom – Voodooland
6) Love Is Worth The Blues – West, Bruce & Laing
7) Wrong Side Of Town – Ted Nugent
8) Not Fragile – Tesla
9) Venus – UFO
10) Let’s Work Together – The Treatment

The Noize Faktory Hour 15


My friends, so much good music was bestowed on us last month, it almost makes me sad to February go, but the albums are here to stay, and for me to share with you!  Get your Amazon account ready!  Its time to shop!  Rock And Roll is thriving, and if you want to see these bands live, you have to buy the records!  That’s how a band builds a following, and how promoters learn that they can throw down some cash to get the band to your area, without you buying the records the live music scene dies.  It is an epidemic here in the US now, and a truly despicable one at that.

The Playlist:

1) Get It Started – RavenEye
2) Casseiopeia – Deaf Havana
3) The Other Side – The Answer
4) For The People – Monster Truck
5) Solid Ground – Tom Keifer
6) Give Me One Reason – Leslie West
7) Like My Chances – Mach 22
8) No Love Lost – The Cult
9) Hot Streak – The Winery Dogs
10) Battle Lines – The Temperance Movement