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Episode 55 – You’re Trying To Drive Me To An Early Grave

noizefaktoryEpisode 55 is full of the rock and roll that you have come to expect from the Noize Faktory.  This music speaks to me on many levels, and it has since I was a kid.  I remember seeing bands like Kiss on TV and being blown away with the spectacle and the sound.  I remember seeing Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show, and I remember seeing the Scorpions video for “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, and knowing that my life would be forever changed.  That is why I share these songs with you, people that understand the love of music, and the energy of good, true, rock and roll.

Hour 1 – The show opens with a track from Coverdale/Page, as rumors float around that the two rock icons may be talking again.  Could there be another album in them?  Who knows, but its fun to talk about.  Cry Of Love is up next with a classic ZZ Top track finishing off the opening block.  I play some Alice Cooper and discuss his new movie called The Super Duper Alice Cooper out now from Banger Films.  Its a great DVD, and a great story of one of hard rocks pioneer bands, and artists.  I have new music from Bad Barber, The Walking Papers, Cage The Gods, Tesla, and The Rival Sons in this hour as well, along with one of the greatest hard rock songs and riffs of all time, “Albatross” from Corrosion Of Conformity.

Hour 2 – One of Classic Rock’s top songs of 2013, The Answer’s “Spectacular”, along with some other tunes from Stone Machine, The Temperance Movement, StoneRider, and even a cool newly released track from Steve Marriott which came out on the collection I NEED LOVE last year.  I also felt like sharing a couple of closet classics with you.  One of the bands that could have been if they had just been able to keep their knucklehead singer in check, Bulletboys, great slinky riff rock band in the beginning, had a lot of potential.  I play an album cut from Kiss’ ANIMALIZE, which you can now get on 180 gram vinyl along with a bunch of their other albums, some even on vinyl for the first time.  Quiet Riot is part of the tail end of the show, a band whose rock documentary is finally finished and has already won an award at an LA film festival.  Looking forward to that story, the band has a rich history from the club days with Randy Rhodes to the first hard rock band to have a record debut at number 1 on the Billboard charts.  And at the end of the show Brand New Sin takes us out with their acoustic track “Crossed Out And Changed”.  I love this song, you need to listen to it.

Episode 54 – Say What You Will

noizefaktory…but be prepared to accept the consequences!

I have put together another fun show for you tonight, with lots of new music.  I have some debuts from Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, The Rival Sons, Tesla, California Breed, Mach 22, and Honey!

Two hours of great songs, and me telling Bob Costas he can kiss my ass!  I wish that idiot would be thrown off the air, enough is enough already.  Yes, I talk about horse racing on this show!  It speaks volumes about mankind, and how unethical we have become.

Hour 1 – This is a great hour of music, starting with Fastway, Skid Row, and Honey.  The Winery Dogs, Bad Barber, Mach 22, Tesla, The Treatment, Black Star Riders, and an epic Deep Purple live track that has its own feature in this months Classic Rock.

Hour 2 – This year marks the 25th anniversary of G N’ R Lies, so we open the hour with a track from that album that bridged the gap between Appetite For Destruction and the double album release Use Your Illusion.  Union, California Breed, The Rival Sons, Kadavar, Rainbow, Scorpion Child, and Leslie West fill the hour with some of the dirtiest rock n roll anywhere.  And this hour features the debut of Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators new song “World On Fire”.  I am very excited to share this track with you, and I wish these guys a hugely successful record and tour!

Episode 53 – You Know That History Repeats Itself

noizefaktoryHello all my loyal music worshiping listeners!  I know you aren’t here for me, you are here for the music, and that is why I like you all so much!  Let’s get to it!

Hour 1 – The very first song on Aerosmith’s very first album opens the show today, do you know what it is?  Just listen!  UFO and Whitesnake keep things rolling, then we have another new track from Tesla and California Breed, and Brother Cane is mixed in there as well.  A cool mid-seventies Kiss demo starts the next block, which also includes Cactus and Mountain, and the hour wraps with an incredible live recording from Heart.

Hour 2 – The Rival Sons’ “Good Things” starts us off, followed by an interesting cover by The Pat Travers Band, and an incredible track that the Cult recorded a few years back for the movie Gone In 60 Seconds.  The songs keep rolling with the Black Star Riders, David Lee Roth, The Comet Band, Cage The Gods, Van Halen (yes more DLR), an official release from Mach 22 is finally here!  Check out SWEET TALK INTERVENTION, Mach 22’s debut on ITunes, Amazon, and everywhere else, and if you want the CD, head on over to their website and order it!  AC/DC takes us out on the “Rock N Roll Train”.