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Episode 7 – Todd Kerns Interview & The Noize Faktory Acoustic


Here we are, on our 7th episode already, and this is a special one. We have a great guest this week, my sometimes partner in crime Mr. Todd Kerns of Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. Todd has a brand new solo CD out called Borrowing Trouble. Todd plays bass with The Conspirators, but he is a very accomplished guitarist and singer as many of you may already know. His new album is all acoustic, and you can get it through Pledge Music, Itunes, and soon on Todd’s own site, where you can also find his very entertaining blog. This guy should be a published writer!

We kick the show off with Led Zeppelin’s “Gallows Pole”. Zep is the band that merged this new heavy rock with folk and blues to me, and they did acoustic stuff just as good as they did the heavy stuff. Then we have a cool acoustic version of “Hooligan’s Holiday” from John Corabi’s new CD Unplugged. Todd joins us for half of the show, and we play a bunch of songs from his new album, and a track from the EP that you can get with the full length from Pledge Music. There are some great stories, and we share some good laughs throughout.

For hour 3 we say goodbye to Todd and dig into some great acoustic based songs from bands like Tesla, Cinderella, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and many more! And to wrap the show this week I have a song that is something very different from what we normally play on the Noize Faktory, but I think it fits in just right, the song is called “The Noise” by Rachel Proctor. Rachel had a couple of hits as a country artist, and then turned her focus to writing. She is an incredible talent, and I had the opportunity to get to know her a few years back. She has a great voice, but I think her biggest gift is how she writes songs that connect with people, and “The Noise” is one of the heaviest lyrical songs that I have ever listened to. I hope that you all enjoy this show as much as I did putting it together.

Scorpions w/ Michael Schenker – “Another Piece Of Meat”

The Scorpions have officially called it a career, retiring at the end of their last tour.  The band formed in 1965, and rose to popularity in the 70’s around Europe and Asia, and then exploded in the US during the early 80’s.  Michael Schenker left the band very early on, after their debut CD to join UFO, returning to record along side his brother Rudolph on the album Lovedrive.  This is one of the tracks that he played on in the studio, and this is a cool clip of the band at the Wacken Festival in Germany in 2006 with Michael sitting in.

Scorpions w/ Michael Schenker “Another Piece Of Meat”


Nazareth – “Expect No Mercy”

I would think that most of the you guys might now know who Nazareth is, but if you know the songs “Love Hurts” and “Hair Of The Dog” then you definitely have heard Nazareth before.  “Love Hurts” has been in countless movies, and FM radio definitely is not afraid to play it.  Nazareth has much more depth than just the two US radio hits.  This one is one of my favorite tracks from them, simple and crushing.  This is a great live rendition of the song.

Nazareth – “Expect No Mercy” Live


Aerosmith – “Adam’s Apple”

Hands down one of the greatest Aerosmith albums is their classic Toys In The Attic. I love every song on this album, so there is nothing critical to say.  This is the album that gave us “Sweet Emotion”, “Walk This Way”, and “Toys In The Attic”.  Among the other great songs on this album is the track “Adam’s Apple”.  Here is a live clip of the band from Texas Jam ’78 performing the song, a glimpse of Aerosmith at their explosive prime.

Aerosmith – “Adam’s Apple” Live Texas Jam 1978


AC/DC – “Black Ice” Live

So I am a couple of days behind on my regular posts, so I am going to get you caught up with some great clips of songs that are featured in this weeks Noize Faktory episode, “When The Devil Comes A Callin'”.  The first clip that we start with is the song that opens the show this week, AC/DC’s “Black Ice” the title track from their big comeback CD from a few years ago.

Black Ice was a great return for one of the world’s most popular bands.  Whether you are an AC/DC fan or not their impact on music is undeniable.

“Black Ice” – AC/DC Live


When The Devil Comes A Callin’


Welcome back to another episode of The Noize Faktory!

Hour 1 kicks off with AC/DC’s “Black Ice” the title track from their last studio record, and it sets a great pace for the hour. We have all kinds of stuff for you including Vintage Trouble, The Beatles, Aerosmith and Nazareth to name a few. We also debut new music from a band called the Winery Dogs, which features Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, and the amazing Richie Kotzen.

Hour 2 opens with “Damaged Soul” a brand new track from Black Sabbath, off of their new CD 13, I don’t think you will be disappointed with this one. And before the hour is up we also have a brand new one from Alice In Chains, “Breath On A Window” off of their new CD The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. You also get some tunes from Wolfmother, The Virginmarys, Black Stone Cherry, and Megadeth.

Hour 3 wraps the show up this week in a strong fashion. Living Colour’s “Sacred Ground” opens the hour, and we hear some great tracks from Skid Row, The James Gang, Sweet, and DBA (Derringer, Bogert, Appice). And we have a great young band from Ft. Lauderdale called City Of Treason doing a hot rodded version of the Prince classic “When Doves Cry”.

Savatage – “Edge Of Thorns”

Here is a clip from the Tampa, Florida based band Savatage for the song “Edge Of Thorns”.  Savatage is often credited as a heavy influence on the Death Metal scene in Florida, their early recordings were thrashy and very dark lyrically.  In 1987 Paul O’neil signed on as their producer, and took the band in a new direction.  All their metal elements intact, he make them into what I have always referred to a Heavy Metal Queen type band, blending elements of classical into their heavy rock.  They later became what is now the Transiberian Orchestra. As a matter of fact, the Transiberian Orchestra’s first hit “Christmas Eve” was actually on the Savatage CD Dead Winter Dead first.

This was the first track that I ever heard from the band, and this was the last CD that founding guitarist Criss Oliva would be on.  He was killed by a drunk driver in 1993, and recently he has been getting the credit that he deserved as a guitarist.  His solos are some of the most fluid and musical pieces of music that you will find in the rock world.  I miss this band.

Savatage – “Edge Of Thorns” Official Video




Deep Purple Return With A New CD, And Bob Ezrin Producing

I have been a long time fan of Deep Purple, I have enjoyed music from just about every Mark lineup that they have had.  I do admit though that I haven’t been a huge fan of the last few CD’s, I think the addition of Don Airey in light of Jon Lord’s retirement was a logical choice, but I felt that the songs suffered without Jon’s guidance after listening to the records he was absent from.  That’s not to say that there weren’t some true highlights on those releases, but overall the albums were not as strong in my opinion.

I feel that Now What?!, the new CD from Deep Purple is a great return to form for the band responsible for some many classic albums.  Bob Ezrin’s involvement has produced a sonically brilliant album, and I think that Bob’s musical approach helped with the crafting of songs.  Purple was always a song band, although they claim that they were not on the interview DVD that comes along with the new album.

Denial or not, they have too many great songs in their catalog for them to not be a “song” band.  If you are a Purple fan, or if you like what you do know from the band, I think that Now What?! is CD worth your time, and money.


Here is the video, YES!! Deep Purple made a video, for the song “Vincent Price” off of Now What?!.  Check it out.

Deep Purple – “Vincent Price” Official Video



Year Long Disaster – “Leda Atomica”

Well if you have listened to a few of the shows at this point, you have heard me talk about Daniel Davies and his band Year Long Disaster.  This week you can hear the track “Leda Atomica” from YLD, and they had a great video for the tune too.  Its fully animated, and pretty out there, and the song will kick your ass!

Year Long Disaster – “Year Long Disaster” Official Video


The Late Alvin Lee And Ten Years After – “I’d Love To Change The World”

Hour 2 starts off with a tip of the hat to the late Alvin Lee.  He was one of those underrated guitarists that deserves so much more notoriety.  Here is a great little interview clip of Alvin, and then a cool look at some studio footage of the band doing their classic “I’d Love To Change The World”.

Ten Years After – “I’d Love To Change The World”

Alvin Lee