The Noize Faktory – Episode 6 – The Hell That Suits You

Hello fellow independent thinkers, music enthusiasts, and devilishly good looking people!  I hope that your week has treated you well, I’m back with another hour of philosophical genius, morbid curiosities, and songs that are part of the soundtrack to the Rapture!  I may talk a bit much this week, but I temper my nonsense with some out of this world music!  

Tell your friends, share it with your friends, they will like it.  I’ll make them like it! 

It’s been zero days since our last nonsense!   

The Playlist:

1) Dirty Honey – Promised Land – Something To Believe In
2) Brand New Sin – All My Wheels – United State
3) Mojave Sun – Bury Me Down
4) Emissary Echo – If I’m Right
5) Crobot – Gasoline – Motherbrain
6) Bad Barber – Closer To The Sun – Courtney Cox & Rock N’ Roll
7) Vandenberg – Ride Like The Wind – 2020
8) King King – Never Give In
9) Rival Sons – Play The Fool
10) Axis – Brown Eyes – It’s A Circus World