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The Noize Faktory Hour 25

The Noize Faktory Hour 25

Hello my friends, and welcome back for another episode of the Noize Faktory.  I truly appreciate your support, and the comments and messages you have been sending over.  Please don’t forget to share the link on your pages if you are enjoying the show.

This week we focus on some of the newer bands that have just been dropping their debut albums and EP’s on us.  I also have some new music from Ace Frehley, along with some recent performances from some of my favorite guitarists Leslie West and John Norum, and a track from Deep Purple’s Purpendicular album, something that you check out if you are a Purple fan.

The Playlist:

1) Animals – Tax The Heat
2) Sweet Baby Death – Mojo Wizard
3) Littlefinger – The Heavy Eyes
4) Till The End Of The Day – Ace Frehley
5) South Of The City – Red Sky Mary
6) Think Twice – Dirty Streets
7) One More Drink For The Road – Leslie West
8) When Darkness Falls – John Norum
9) Crazy – Jared James Nichols
10) Loosen My Strings – Deep Purple

The Noize Faktory – Hour 24

The Noize Faktory Hour 24

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, we have reached our 24th hour at the Noize Faktory!  In celebration I have put together a show that looks back on some of the best new albums to come out since I started the show back up 6 months ago.

Rock fans are very lucky, we have been given some great music in the last half year, and I cram in a few extra songs in this episode to make sure that I cover as many of my favorites as I can.

From new bands, to some legacy acts that many may have counted out, to those bands that are the definite future of rock, we have some incredible new albums to listen to, and even more live bands that we should all be looking forward to seeing.

Let me know your favorites from the 13 that I picked, and let me know who I am missing, I would love to find out what bands I have missed.

The Playlist:

1) Captain Love – The Winery Dogs
2) Ready For The Fall – Screaming Eagles
3) Victorious – Wolfmother
4) She’s Already Gone – Ugly Kid Joe
5) Days Of Rock And Roll – Europe
6) Last Runaway – WASP
7) Things Get Better – Monster Truck
8) Buzzards – The Sword
9) When Patsy Cline Was Crazy – Ricky Warwick
10) Empty Heart (Feat. Jimmy Barnes) – The Dead Daisies
11) War, Traffic, and Blind Faith – StoneRider
12) Oh Lorraine – The Temperance Movement
13) The Sun Never Sets – Cheap Trick

The Noize Faktory Hour 23

The Noize Faktory Hour 23

Well another week has passed, and we have witnessed more truly deplorable behavior in the news.  No matter what side of the issues you fall on, attacking innocent people, and attempting to silence free speech should truly bother you.  This kind of idiot behavior has to stop.  Funny enough, this kind of thing actually makes more people attract to the ones attempting to be stifled, so its very counter productive, but I wouldn’t expect the people a party to that to understand, they clearly are not smart enough to grasp that concept.

In good news, the Rock Hall Of Fame aired its induction ceremony this past weekend on HBO, with the edited Steve Miller speech.  Unfortunate, more censorship, but some of the performances were great.  In my opinion Cheap Trick stole the show as far as performances went, with Chicago a close second.  One of my favorite bands Deep Purple was finally inducted, kind of, with the glaring omissions of a few members, and the absence of the late Jon Lord, and legendary Blackmore.  They have continued to make great albums, but I thought that Ian Gillan struggled live, which was hard for me to watch, but the band rocked.  I was very happy to see Coverdale and Hughes be included, and it was nice that they got up for the jam with Cheap Trick at the end.  The Cheap Trick performance was loud, noisy, off the wall, and powerful as you would expect, and they have an incredible new album out called Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello! that you should all give a listen.  Chicago was slighted by the Hall as well, only inducting the original line up, ignoring guys that have been with them since the mid-eighties, and were part of some big hits, but their performance was great.  And I have to say that Kid Rock gave one of the best induction speeches in Rock Hall history for Cheap Trick!  Well done!

Now on to the music, remember play it loud!

The Playlist:

1) Lost Our Way – Tax The Heat
2) Plain – Dirty Streets
3) Joni Me & Willie D – Bad Barber
4) A Pleasant Peace I Feel – The Temperance Movement
5) Last Days Of Summer – The Answer
6) War – Black Stone Cherry
7) Promises – Cage The Gods
8) Nothing Ever Changes – Ugly Kid Joe
9) Nowhere To Hide – Galactic Superlords
10) Breadfan – Budgie

The Noize Faktory Hour 22

The Noize Faktory Hour 22

Happy Monday everyone!  I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say that to me.

Just returned from a logistical nightmare of three weeks, and I brought back a stomach bug from Mexico.  So I’m a bit out of it at the moment.  Luckily I recorded this weeks Noize Faktory a couple of days before that all set in.

Click play, turn up your speakers as loud as they go, and rock!

The Noize Faktory Hour 21

The Noize Faktory Hour 21

I have to start this week off by apologizing for the quality of my voice on this installment of your favorite hour of music.  Being the klutz that I am, and the constant traveler, I drag my microphones around the globe to record this show weekly, and have since I started it way back when.  This week I got to LA, checked into my hotel room, and its a great spot, lots of space, carpeted floor, and the room even had a fireplace, with a little ceramic tile.  Well out pops the microphone, slips from my hands, and bam, onto the desk, then onto the floor!  Not the carpet of course, but onto the tile.  The two square feet of tile in the entire room!

Well I put it back together, and it worked fine for last weeks show, but it didn’t last.  So as I went to record this weeks show in the middle of nowhere, I discovered that I was mic-less.  I was forced to use the internal, so I sound a little tinty this week in my opinion.  But that didn’t stop me from putting another rocking hour of music together for your listening pleasure!

The Playlist:

1) King Of The Rotten – Corrosion Of Conformity
2) Last Calls & Assholes – We’ve Traveled
3) The Son Of The Wind – Ricky Warwick
4) Fire & Water – Ace Frehley (Feat. Paul Stanley)
5) Burn On The Flame – The Sweet
6) Another Day – Mach 22
7) Dayrunner – StoneRider
8) Give Me One Reason – Leslie West
9) Jared James Nichols – Old Glory And The Wild Revival
10) All That I Want  – Rival Sons

The Noize Faktory – Hour 20


Hello all of you loyal rock and rollers!  This was a big week for the world of rock music, Guns N’ Roses has reunited and their first three shows are under their belts.  The reviews are in, and even with a broken foot Axl and the boys delivered in a huge way.  Now they prepare for a big tour in the summer, and who will they be touring with?  Will they support the new scene of younger artists?  All we can do is wait and see!

In this weeks show I dig in a little to some of the earlier records released by some of my favorite new bands, and throw some brand new music at you from Monster Truck, Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley (with Slash), and now properly ordained Hall Of Famers, Cheap Trick!

1) Little Monster – Royal Blood
2) Shake The World – Love And A .38
3) Seven And Seven Is – Hollywood Vampires
4) She’s A Witch – Monster Truck
5) Leaving It All Behind – Orchid
6) Liquor – Scorpion Child
7) Emerald (Feat. Slash) Ace Frehley
8) Searchin’ – Slaughter
9) Before It Burns – Radio Moscow
10) Heart On The Line – Cheap Trick

The Noize Faktory Hour 19

The Noize Faktory Hour 19

Hello all,

Well the world has gone crazy, its official.  There are too many things to list as to why I feel that way, but at the root of all of it, is absolute stupidity!  Thank you God for Rock And Roll!

There is a great new Cheap Trick album out, do yourself a favor and check it out!  I played a track for you last week, and there will be much more in the coming weeks.  Such a great album from a band with a rich rich history!

Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick of Blackstar Riders have some new music out for you guys to hear, and the Rival Sons, the band that never seems to stop working, as a new album on the way.  Ace Frehley has a cool new covers album on the way, and the snippets that I have heard so far are pretty good.  I look forward to the rest of the album, and I can’t say that I have loved his last couple of releases.

The Playlist:

1) Three Bullets – The Temperance Movement
2) Whatever Haunts You – Taddy Porter
3) When I See My Light – Dirty Streets
4) Hellfire – Queensryche
5) Take Me Away – Blue Oyster Cult
6) Heathens – The Cult
7) With You And I – The Dead Daisies
8) Breaking Bottles – Brand New Sin
9) Nowhere To Hide – Crobot
10) Blindsided – Black Star Riders

The Noize Faktory – Hour 18


Hello, and Happy Easter to you all, or happy day after Easter as it were, I hope that most of you are enjoying a nice extra day off, and didn’t hurt yourselves too badly over the long weekend.

On this weeks episode of the the Noize Faktory we have some brand new music from Damon Johnson, Cheap Trick, and Jared James Nichols, along with much more!  I also get into the Wes Scantlin discussion after his band recently walked off the stage at a show, which has been all over the internet music sites.  We know he is a troubled man, and has been for a long while, but are their others that need to be questioned?

The Playlist:

1) Parasite – Ace Freely (feat. John 5)
2) I’ll Give You Love – Wild Horses
3) Gotta Keep On Movin’ – Whitford / St. Holmes
4) Haywire – Jared James Nichols
5) The Road To Damascus Street – Ricky Warwick
6) Nobody Usin’ – Damon Johnson
7) No Direction Home – Cheap Trick
8) Empty Temples – The Sword
9) Eye Of The Beholder – Wolfmother
10) Evil Thing – Voodoo Hill

The Noize Faktory – Hour 17


Hello my strong willed minions!  Welcome to another hour of the “award winning” Noize Faktory!  We haven’t really won any awards, but I always hear people say, “fake it until you make it”, so there you go!

This week we discuss, how hoping to see a form of music die in popularity differs from hoping to see an individual die, yes apparently that needs to be clarified, and I chat a bit about the possible demise of one of my favorite bands that came out of the 80’s.  I also share some great new music from Rival Sons with you, and I also dig into some great albums that you may not have heard that came out over the last 15 years or so.

Its a fun ride, so strap in, and turn it up!  The best rock, period!

The Playlist:

1) Masters Of War – Mountain w/Ozzy
2) Breath On A Window – Alice In Chains
3) Hell Ain’t Hard To Find – Ugly Kid Joe
4) Hollow Bones, Pt. 1 – Rival Sons
5) Fractured – Billy Idol
6) Closer To The Sun – Bad Barber
7) Saint – The Heavy Eyes
8) This Is Your Time – Black Country Communion
9) Pale Blue Eyes – Cadaver
10) Still Climbing – Cinderella

The Noize Faktory Hour 16


Well my friends, another hour is upon us.  This week I go backwards a bit to share some tracks from records you may have missed over the last few years or forty!  I dug up some gems that I love, some things that don’t get played as often as they should, or things that you may have never heard before just because rock radio wasn’t there to support the albums when they were released.

I hope that you guys enjoy this hour, it was a fun one to put together.

The Playlist:

1) Stranger In My Room – Year Long Disaster
2) If I Only Had A Reason – Trouble
3) Your Secret’s Safe With Me – Walking Papers
4) Way Back To The Bone – Trapeze
5) Freedom – Voodooland
6) Love Is Worth The Blues – West, Bruce & Laing
7) Wrong Side Of Town – Ted Nugent
8) Not Fragile – Tesla
9) Venus – UFO
10) Let’s Work Together – The Treatment