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The Noize Faktory – Episode 5 – The Confusing State Of Our Industry

Well here we are again, the 2nd issue of Max Alt Rock has hit your inbox, and with it comes another riveting episode of The Noize Faktory!

We have plenty to discuss in the music industry right now, Spotify telling artists that they need to change their operation, promoters cutting funds for shows, and radio in a spot where they can actually make a huge difference again.  I love this plan!  I’m excited to be a part of it!  Hopefully a couple of you get that reference, at least I’ll know that I’m not completely alone in this world.  

The Playlist:

1) Alice Cooper – Detroit City 2020 – Breadcrumbs
2) The Cold Stares – Third World War – Black Sunset
3) Blue Pills – Dreaming My Life Away – Holy Moly!
4) Empty Trail – Somewhere – Lost
5) Shadow & The Thrill – Crazy – Sugarbowl
6) StoneRider – Dayrunner – Hologram
7) Halestorm – Black Vultures (Stripped) – Vicious
8) Come Alive – The Rock N’ Roll Residency – The Rock N’ Roll Residency
9) Dead Daisies – Unspoken – single
10) Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

The Noize Faktory – Episode 4 – The Time Slips Away

Back again with another episode of The Noize Faktory, this week I catch us up on a few things that we have missed over the last few years, and I have a couple of tracks from albums that were lost to time, and that you truly need to give another listen to! 

This show is for all of us that need something different to drowned out the noise around us.  Music has always been that for me, it is also something that has given me focus and drive from the time that I was a kid.  I’ve gone through stages of utter disinterest, my tastes were not being satisfied, my interests were not being peaked.  This show allowed me to share the things that I found as I dug for new things to listen to, I hope that I turn you on to some albums and bands that you may have missed along the way.  

The Playlist:

1) Made For The Age – The Heavy Eyes – Love Like Machines

2) Denim Danger – Monster Truck – True Rockers

3) Driftin’ – Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

4) Caught In The Middle – The Temperance Movement – A Deeper Cut

5) Shine – Union – The Blue Room 

6) Blackberry Way – Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright!

7) Walk The Earth – Europe – Walk The Earth

8) Demons In My Mind – Cadaver – For The Dead Travel Fast

9) Mouths Of Madness – Orchid – Mouths Of Madness

10) Freelance Fiend – Lead Hound – Growers Of Mushrooms

The Noize Faktory – Episode 3 – From The Blues To The Deepest Depths Of Doom


My friends I implore you, share this show with people that love good music.  Share this show with people that need to love good music.  Share this show with people that think that Bob Costas is a pompous ass!  🙂

I’m back bringing the good news or Rock N’ Roll with me!  We have some brand new treasures this week for you, as well as a couple of truly overlooked gems from the years gone by.  I know that at least a couple of them will have a powerful impact on you, I have seen it!

This weeks playlist:

1) The Blue Pills – Low Road – Holy Moly

2) The Skull – The Longing – The Endless Road Turns Dark

3) Tom Keifer – The Death Of Me – Rise

4) The Cold Stares – Any Way The Wind Blows – Ways

5) Deep Purple – The Power Of The Moon – Whoosh!

6) UFO – Venus – Walk On Water

7) Tony Montana – One By One (Bring In The Rain) – The Tombstone Shuffle

8) Vandenberg – Skyfall – 2020

9) Ugly Kid Joe – She’s Already Gone – Uglier Than They Used To Be

10) Sir Lord Baltimore – Lady Of Fire – Kingdom Come

The Noize Faktory – Episode 2 – Nothing Is Normal


Hello friends,

welcome back to another edition of the Noize Faktory, and thank you for listening!  I’m back with another hour of soul saving rock and roll from bands that you know and love, and a few that you may need to dig in to.  As the weirdness continues in the world I hope that the soothing sounds of my voice and the soul of the songs that I share with you each week gives you something to look forward to, and take your mind off of the ri-god-damn-diculousness happening everywhere.  I’m bringing you the good news my brothers and sisters, and it comes in the form of Rock N’ Roll!

The Playlist:

1) Broken Witt Rebels – Money – OK Hotel
2) Nick Perry & The Underground Thieves – Feelin’ Good – Sun Via
3) Kadavar – Evil Forces – For The Dead Travel Fast
4) Holly West – Home – Mokita
5) The Sword – Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings – Conquest Of Kingdoms
6) Whitesnake – Cryin’ – The Rock Album
7) Rival Sons – Young Love – Pressure & Time
8) Joe Bonamassa – Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye – Royal Tea
9) Shadow & The Thrill – Crazy – Sugarbowl
10) Alice Cooper – Don’t Give Up – Single

Walking Papers – “The Whole World Is Watching”

A new episode, and a brand new band to debut. Walking papers is great new band that features some familiar names and faces, with a powerful new sound for them all. Jeff Angell on vocals and guitar from the band Post Stardom Depression, and Barrett Martin on drums are the song writing duo for this new act. They are joined by Ben Anderson on keys, and Duff McKagan of GNR / VR fame on bass. Mike McCready even plays a couple of guitar solos on the disc.

The songs are deep on this album, the sound is well refined, and yet has a rawness to it that is compelling. This is one of my favorite tracks from the disc, it is called “The Whole World Is Watching”. We should all be listening!

This is a video of the band performing for the Antiquiet Sessions.

Walking Papers – “The Whole World Is Watching”


Rival Sons – “Get What’s Coming”

This is one of the tracks from the Rival Sons self-titled EP, “Get What’s Coming”.  This is a really cool video clip of the band performing for what appears to be a video shoot.  This is a great quality pro shot video, for a killer song.


Rival Sons – “Get What’s Coming” – Pro Shot


Rival Sons – “Keep On Swinging” – And Gibson Sessions

Here is a cool acoustic version of the lead song of this weeks episode of The Noize Faktory, “Keep On Swinging” from the Rival Sons.  These guys continue to impress and get better with everything they do.

This week Scott Holiday was my guest, and this is a great showcase of his talent, and the talent and power of the rest of the band.

Love this clip.

Rival Sons – “Keep On Swinging” Acoustic Live


Aerosmith – “One Way Street” Live

Not a whole lot needs to be said here.  Aerosmith, one of America’s greatest rock bands, still kicking ass after 40 some years.  This is a fairly recent live recording of one of the classic tracks from their very first album.  “One Way Street” features a killer solo from Brad Whitford and another from Perry, some of the greatest groove that the band ever laid down, and a great lyric from Steven.

Watch it, love it, and hear the original studio version in Hour 1 of The Noize Faktory this week.

Aerosmith – “One Way Street” Live


Kadavar – “Doomsday Machine” Official Video

If  any of you have taken a listen to Kadavar, you know that they are not a Death Metal band as the name might make you think.  They are like a time machine that takes you back to the psychedelic early 70’s heavy rock.  I find elements of Sabbath, Uli Roth era Scorpions, and boogie that reminds me of Cactus.  Not only does the album cover look like it was shot in 1971, but the official video for “Doomsday Machine” looks like it may have been shot in 1971 as well!

So strap yourself in, make sure you have enough plutonium for the trip back, and get that Delorean up to 88 MPH and transport yourself back to 1971 (its really 2013….weird!), and just kick back and enjoy!

Kadavar – “Doomsday Machine” – Official Video