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Episode 50 – Myles Kennedy

noizefaktoryWOW!  Episode number 50!  Who woulda thunk?

I am honored to have one of the most talented singer / guitarists on the planet, and my dear friend Mr. Myles Kennedy as my guest for this episode.  Myles is the front man for the band Alter Bridge, and along with Slash leads The Conspirators.  He is the busiest man in the rock for the last few years bouncing back and forth between both bands, touring and recording without a real break since 2010.  I really don’t know how he does it.

I do know after spending three of those years on the road with him that he gives everything he has every night on stage, and to the creative process, and there is no one that deserves the success more than Myles.

We spend the next two and a half hours talking about the bands that have brought him to the front of the rock world, and dig in to some of the songs that have built his career.  With the newest Alter Bridge album, FORTRESS out now, and the new album from The Conspirators on the way, Myles still found some time to hang with me and talk about his music.  Sit back and listen to one of the greatest voices in rock today, and definitely one of the nicest and most sincere people in the world.  We laugh, we reflect, we laugh, and he rocks!

Thank you Myles for making this interview happen.  I look forward to the Blue Murder special!

Episode 25 – Duff McKagan Of Walking Papers

Hour 1 – This week Duff McKagan, best known as the bassist for Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, and now Walking Papers joins us via telephone.  We spend the hour talking about his band Walking Papers, and digging into the the amazing album.  It was an honor to have Duff spend some time with the Noize Faktory.

Hour 2 – I give you a little recap of Eddie Trunk’s big 30th Radio Anniversary party, and we start the hour off with some tracks that the all star cast performed for Eddie.  New music from Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, Monster Truck, and the amazing new band The Temperance Movement.  I round out the hour with Alice Cooper’s “Halo Of Flies”.

Hour 3 – We open the hour with an incredible new track from Leslie West, from his new CD, STILL CLIMBING, the track is called “Tales Of Woe”.  Music from John Norum, Richie Kotzen, Blue Murder, Ozzy, new Queensryche, Savatage, and more fill the hour.

Episode 19 – Artist Feature – Damon Johnson Of Black Star Riders

I am very excited to have a very talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and my friend Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders as my guest on this weeks episode of The Noize Faktory.  Damon is also the frontman for Brother Cane, Slave To The System, and played guitar for Alice Cooper and John Waite, as well as being a member of the country rock act Whiskey Falls.  And that is just scratching the surface.

This is the first show that I have done were we had to add a 4th hour because of the vast group of songs and projects that we discussed and covered.

Black Star Riders are about to hit the road in Europe to support their debut CD, and continue on the legacy of Thin Lizzy.  In the meantime Damon has been busy doing Brother Cane shows as well as solo gigs here in the States.   He shares some great stories with us that span his now 25 year plus career, and he does it all with class.

We play you some new songs from the Black Star Riders, lots of the hits from Brother Cane, and an unreleased track that you will not hear anywhere else, even Damon didn’t have a copy of this one!  We have tracks that Damon co-wrote and appeared on from Sammy Hagar, Red Halo, Alice Cooper,  Whiskey Falls, and a track that he co-wrote that Santana did with Steve Tyler on vocals.

I hope that you guys enjoy this show and interview as much as I did putting it together.  Damon Johnson is someone that rock music fans should all be aware of, and supporting.

Thank you Damon for spending the time with me and sharing so many great stories, and I hope that you enjoyed this trip through your career as much as the audience will.


Episode 15 – Artist Feature – Scott Holiday of The Rival Sons

This week we have a special treat for you all.  Guitarist Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons is with us, as we take a trip through the bands new and exciting history this week on The Noize Faktory.

This interview was conducted over the phone, while Scott was moving through Los Angeles, there are a few noise issues at times in the interview, but I think it turned out great overall, and it was great having Scott on.

Hour 1 – We start the show in grand fashion, with the lead single from HEAD DOWN, the bands latest release, and then go back to the beginning of their recording career.  We cover tracks and history from their first full length release BEFORE THE FIRE, and their self titled EP.

Hour 2 – Scott tells us about the recording of PRESSURE & TIME, the Rival Sons real break through release, and the extensive touring that the band has been doing, and how things have changed for them overseas with their success.  We return to HEAD DOWN to round out the hour.

Hour 3 – The episode concludes with a few more tracks from HEAD DOWN, and then some bonus tracks to finish off the show, and Scott gives us a little inside info on what the band may be doing next.

I want to thank Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons for calling in to do this interview, and spend some time with The Noize Faktory this week.  The band is about to begin a tour supporting Sammy Hagar here in the US, and have just done some festivals in Europe this past week.

Scott also told us that Robin Everhart, bassist for the Rival Sons is no longer with the band.  He has stepped down to spend more time with his family.  I am sure that there has been a long line of players pursuing the band about that job.  We wish Robin all the best, he was a major player in the sound and direction of this band, and he will be missed.

Episode 7 – Todd Kerns Interview & The Noize Faktory Acoustic


Here we are, on our 7th episode already, and this is a special one. We have a great guest this week, my sometimes partner in crime Mr. Todd Kerns of Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. Todd has a brand new solo CD out called Borrowing Trouble. Todd plays bass with The Conspirators, but he is a very accomplished guitarist and singer as many of you may already know. His new album is all acoustic, and you can get it through Pledge Music, Itunes, and soon on Todd’s own site, where you can also find his very entertaining blog. This guy should be a published writer!

We kick the show off with Led Zeppelin’s “Gallows Pole”. Zep is the band that merged this new heavy rock with folk and blues to me, and they did acoustic stuff just as good as they did the heavy stuff. Then we have a cool acoustic version of “Hooligan’s Holiday” from John Corabi’s new CD Unplugged. Todd joins us for half of the show, and we play a bunch of songs from his new album, and a track from the EP that you can get with the full length from Pledge Music. There are some great stories, and we share some good laughs throughout.

For hour 3 we say goodbye to Todd and dig into some great acoustic based songs from bands like Tesla, Cinderella, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and many more! And to wrap the show this week I have a song that is something very different from what we normally play on the Noize Faktory, but I think it fits in just right, the song is called “The Noise” by Rachel Proctor. Rachel had a couple of hits as a country artist, and then turned her focus to writing. She is an incredible talent, and I had the opportunity to get to know her a few years back. She has a great voice, but I think her biggest gift is how she writes songs that connect with people, and “The Noise” is one of the heaviest lyrical songs that I have ever listened to. I hope that you all enjoy this show as much as I did putting it together.

Tony Cardenas-Montana Creates The Monster Circus

Tony came to me with an idea for a over the top production rock show with a cast of known rock icons in about 2004.  We spent time throwing ideas around, trying to find the right people to work with, and finding the players to make it a really diverse and exciting group.  Finally we thought we had everything we needed, and we put on a showcase in Las Vegas on Dec 9th of 2008.  The three bootleg tracks that you hear in hour two of this weeks Noize Faktory come from each of the months that the show performed in Las Vegas.

The band for the showcase was Tony (Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal), John Corabi (Guitar/Lead Vocal), Bruce Kulick (Lead Guitar), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), and Bobby Rock (drums).  When we launched the full show in March, which was incredibly difficult, Fred Coury was in the fold on drums, and then in April, Dave Kushner from Velvet Revolver came in to fill in for Bruce who was touring with Grand Funk.  Corabi had the quote of the run in an interview, he said “yeah we asked for the guitarist from Velvet Revolver, and this is who we got!”  Dave played his ass off, and they all had a great time working together.

On a personal note, for me, it was huge to be able to put together a band of guys whose records and careers were part of my formative years and get to work with them all on this level.  Each of them are incredible people, and it truly had some magic that I wish you all could have seen.


Monster Circus Showcase Clip



Anna’s Brother – Here are some clips from Tony’s band Anna’s Brother. We are hoping to release these songs very soon on itunes or in an EP format.

Check out hour 2 of this weeks Noize Faktory episode to hear more from Tony’s project Anna’s Brother.

Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana) – “Used To Be” Official Video

Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana) – “Sadi”

Promo Shot of Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana)


Great White – “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” MTV Unplugged

Here is the MTV Unplugged Clip of “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”.  Great White was one of the first bands to appear on this show, and this track was a massive hit for them.  I think they did Zeppelin proud.  Tony discusses this appearance in hour 1 of this weeks Noize Faktory.

Great White “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” – MTV Unplugged