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The Noize Faktory Hour 15


My friends, so much good music was bestowed on us last month, it almost makes me sad to February go, but the albums are here to stay, and for me to share with you!  Get your Amazon account ready!  Its time to shop!  Rock And Roll is thriving, and if you want to see these bands live, you have to buy the records!  That’s how a band builds a following, and how promoters learn that they can throw down some cash to get the band to your area, without you buying the records the live music scene dies.  It is an epidemic here in the US now, and a truly despicable one at that.

The Playlist:

1) Get It Started – RavenEye
2) Casseiopeia – Deaf Havana
3) The Other Side – The Answer
4) For The People – Monster Truck
5) Solid Ground – Tom Keifer
6) Give Me One Reason – Leslie West
7) Like My Chances – Mach 22
8) No Love Lost – The Cult
9) Hot Streak – The Winery Dogs
10) Battle Lines – The Temperance Movement

The Noize Faktory Hour 14


As the world boils over in the streets, whether it be rank stupidity in politics, or people hating each other for reasons that they themselves are unclear on, there is the Noize Faktory to fill you with hope and inspire you to climb over the zombie infested bodies of those that would stop you from progressing to better your life and find strength and success.

Rock and Roll lives!  And its best served loud, the more people that you share this with, the more true hope that we have to surviving the ground swell of idiocy that has enveloped our world.

The Playlist:

1) Breakin’ All The Rules – Screaming Eagles

2) Speed Freak – Radio Moscow

3) When I See My Light – Dirty Streets

4) When The Sky Comes Looking For You – Moorhead

5) Are You Satisfied – Reignwolf

6) As Bas As I Am – Hollywood Vampires

7) Shapes – Whitford / St. Holmes

8) Never Give All Your Heart – Joe Bonamassa

9) Black Coffee – Rival Sons

10) Slaves Of The New World Order – W.A.S.P.

The Noize Faktory Hour 13


The Noize Faktory returns to jumpstart your week!  Many of you may need an adrenaline shot after witnessing the musical travesty that was the Grammys.  I’m not sure why we put ourselves through that punishment, perhaps we are eternally hopeful that they will get it right once, and we will all be watching.

Alas…there were some visible efforts put in, but then again, the bad probably outweighed the good.  Although I was pleased to see Alabama Shakes get some recognition, and to see that the tributes that were put together to B.B. King, David Bowie, and Lemmy were done with class and style, and it was kind of cool to see the Hollywood Vampires bend the minds of the dimwits in the audience.  I’ll get into that a bit more in the show this week, TEASER!!!

The Playlist:

1) The Gift Of Music – Dream Theater
2) Hole In The Sky – Scorpion Child
3) The Well – Voodoo Hill
4) I Am The Fire – Halestorm
5) Electric Halo – Kyng
6) Under The Bottom – Ugly Kid Joe
7) Gypsy Caravan – Wolfmother
8) The Fool – The Heavy Eyes
9) Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin – Rob Zombie
10) Black Forest – Monster Truck

The Noize Faktory – Hour 12


Hello to all of you fine, intelligent people!

I say this because I know that most of the people that listen to this show are of a higher intelligence, and the world needs us!  I have seen way too many incredulous things on the internet, and I know that none of you fine humans would be involved in anything like that.

It is important to remember that Rock And Roll is the voice of rebellion, it has been since its inception in the 1950’s.  Do not fall for the mass media hype, indoctrination, or blatant lies to back their agenda.  Their agenda along with the politicians is always to find new ways to control and squash the growth of hard working people.

The Playlist:

1) Into The Night – Kadavar
2) Ten Years – Oliva
3) John The Tiger – Orchid
4) Ricochet – Tesla
5) World Stand Still – Richards / Crane
6) Dust & Bone – Pat Travers
7) High Country – The Sword
8) Loose Change – Royal Blood
9) Toxic Rememdy – Queensryche
10) Burn – Whitesnake
11) Evil – The Dead Daisies

The Noize Faktory – Hour 11


Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, Super Bowl 50 Champions, I recorded this weeks show in Denver with the sounds of the city celebrating in the background.  Enjoy!

Big news, one rock band gets to play on the Grammys again this year, and its The Hollywood Vampires!  I’m shocked!  There must be one guy on the committee that bugs the hell out of all the stuffed shirt industry pricks, and forces it upon them.  I love that guy!  I don’t know who he or she is, but I’m a fan!  Ha!

There is a killer batch of songs in this hour, I think you will enjoy it!

The Playlist:

1) How Long – The Winery Dogs
2) Don’t You Give Me – Mach 22
3) Hell Is On Fire – Whitford / St.Holmes
4) Think Twice – Dirty Streets
5) All Over The Road – Rival Sons
6) Electric Ladyland – Purson
7) G O A T – The Cult
8) Praise You – Europe
9) Withered Delilah – Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators
10) Cold Turkey – Hollywood Vampires

The Noize Faktory – Hour 10


Hello my friends, we have some stellar news for you!  We are not alone in the fight against the zombie nation!  We have rock bands that seem to be feeling the same way, and we can see it in some of the new songs that they are laying on us right now!

I’m very exciting about this collection of songs and bands.  We have new music from Ricky Warwick, lead singer of Black Star Riders and formerly of The Almighty, we have a new one from The Temperance Movement, The Heavy Eyes, Tax The Heat, and Frankie McQueen.  But the bands that are leading the charge to kill off the lazy layabout lifestyle that is being pushed down our throats, and telling the masses to stand up and take their power back are Monster Truck and Black Stone Cherry, both of whom you will hear brand new songs from this week!

I love hearing this message in the lyrics of songs, because frankly no one has to work harder than a young band trying to make it in todays world.  Both bands have incredible work ethics, they have found success in spots around the globe, and they continue to work to break here in the United States, because instead of being the leaders, we have become mindless followers, and those in charge have killed off most rock radio in this country!  I demand that this oppression end!

Give Rock And Roll a voice, and lets crush this hand out, ignorant, sheep message that is being taught around the world!  And lets stand up for our individualism, and stampede over those that try to take it away from us!

The Playlist:

1) The Way Of The Future – Black Stone Cherry
2) All My Wheels – Brand New Sin
3) When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Gary Mitchell Sang The Blues) – Ricky Warwick
4) Get Yourself Free – The Temperance Movement
5) Old Saltillo Road – The Heavy Eyes
6) Some Sympathy – Tax The Heat
7) Things Get Better – Monster Truck
8) Mama Told Me – Frankie McQueen
9) Whiskey And Pills – Billy Idol
10) Stargazer – Rainbow

The Noize Faktory – Hour 9


Rock Soldiers, it has been a rough start to the new year for musicians.  We have lost Lemmy, then Bowie, Frey, and now long time Dio bassist Jimmy Bain.  As we reflect on the memories that many of these guys have given us, it is very important to start exploring and embracing these new rock characters.  Listen with open minds, listen with the memories of those that we have lost fresh in your thoughts, and lets find some of the new stars of tomorrow together!

The ones we lost would want us to be keeping their spirits alive with new music that wears the influence that they have left behind!

So click on the Noize Faktory link, and spend some time soaking in some of the new rock bands, and enjoy the new music from some of the bands that you love that we are lucky enough to still have with us!

The Playlist:

1) Spectacular – The Answer
2) Devil In The Detail – UFO
3) City Lights – Wolfmother
4) The Apple & The Tree – Graveyard
5) Just A Woman – Love And A .38
6) In the Dark – Reignwolf
7) Let’s Go – Def Leppard
8) Burnout To Fade – Tesla
9) Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore) – Union
10) Haunted By The Night – Walter Trout

The Noize Faktory – Special Edition – with Guest Adrian McAleenan of The Screaming Eagles


Hello all of you faithful rock and rollers!  This week, thanks to the amazing technology of Skype, I have a special surprise for you all, an incredible interview with Adrian McAleenan, guitarist for The Screaming Eagles.

I have been playing these guys for you for some time now, and they are currently supporting their new album, Stand Up And Be Counted.  Adrian took some time out to visit with me and discuss the band, the new album, and where these guys got their start and inspiration.

I love the records that these guys are making, they stand out as one of the great new bands of this scene, and I hope that this show turns you into fans as well, if you aren’t already.

Go out and buy From The Flames and Stand Up And Be Counted, and be sure to see these guys live if they are in your area!

Enjoy, and thank you for all of your support and comments, and thank you Adrian McAleenan of The Screaming Eagles for stopping into the Noize Faktory, and supporting the show!

The Noize Faktory – Hour 7

The Noize Faktory – Hour 7

Welcome my friends to the show that has no end, we just keep throwing more amazing songs at you, and so far, you guys are devouring them!  I love that!

We are into the second full week of 2016, there is a huge Powerball jackpot to be won, hopefully I’ll land that whale, and start my own radio station, and pump this music out to the world, and devastate the zombie inducing pop music that seems to have taken ahold of so many potentially promising young people.  Those poor bastards need our help!

Do your part and keep them away from any of Bob Costas’ idiotic ramblings!

The playlist for this week is:

1) Espiritu Muerto – Queensryche
2) Caffeine – Alice Cooper
3) Come On Over – Royal Blood
4) (Enter The) Twilight Coven – Scorpion Child
5) Helicoptors – Orchid
6) See The World With Your Own Eyes – Cadaver
7) All That Remains – Voodoo Hill
8) Scream – W.A.S.P.
9) Days Of Rock N’ Roll – Europe
10) Nowhere To Hide – Crobot

The Noize Faktory – Episode 6


Hello 2016!  We say goodbye to 2015 with a tip of the hat to the legend Mr. Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead, and we bid Motley Crue a final farewell.  We welcome in 2016 by acknowledging some of the bands that had a great year in 2015, and we wish them continued success in 2016.

This is a big year my friends, many things will be decided about your future this year, and your childrens futures, hopefully we are all smart enough to not be sheep, and to see the real truth behind the nonsense that we are fed everyday.

Let Rock N’ Roll show you the power of truly thinking for yourself, and show you that being an outsider just means that you are smart enough to not be dragged down into the Zombie state of mind.

Down with the Kardashians in 2016, down with Bob Costas, and you know what, lets do away with Ryan Seacrest too!  If I never have to listen to that ass clown tell us how great One Direction is again it will be too soon!  It sickens me to see males on the NYE broadcast talking about how much they like that go awful group of tools.

Your Playlist for this week:

1) Stigmata – Slave To The System
2) Bow Down To The Blues – Screaming Eagles
3) Midnight Moses – The Dead Daisies
4) Less Than Perfect – Mach 22
5) Open My Eyes (Live At Juke Joint Studio) – Rival Sons
6) Comin’ Home – Whitesnake
7) Till The End – Moorhead
8) Rain Keeps Fallin’ – Kiss
9) You Are My Sunshine – Leslie West
10) Save Our Souls – Motley Crue