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The Noize Faktory – Hour 27

The Noize Faktory Hour 27

Hello my friends, minions, and rock and roll junkies!

The Noize Faktory rolls on!  I have a debut for you from a band out of Germany called the New Roses, I think you will like this one.  I also continue to plunder the internet and the research department of Classic Rock Magazine for new music to bring to you, as well as some great tracks that you may not remember from the past.

I hope that you enjoy, and remember, listen to the Noize Faktory loud, share it with your friends, it kills Zombies!

The Playlist:

1) Stolen Dreams – Kadavar
2) Hole – Royal Blood
3) To The Flame – Monster Truck
4) Dead Man’s Voice – The New Roses
5) You And I (Acoustic) – Voodooland
6) We Are One – The Winery Dogs
7) Elevator Operator – StoneRider
8) Your Light – Scorpions
9) Sharpshooter – Whitford/St. Holmes
10) The Dreamthieves – The Sword

The Noize Faktory – Hour 26

The Noize Faktory Hour 26

The music rolls on…..or does it?  It seems lately that, as we lose legendary performers by death, or through retirement that the future is getting bleaker and bleaker for rock and roll.  But that may not be the case.  We may have a chance right now, as you explore the depths of some of our lost legends catalogs, to find the next band or performer that will impact your musical world.

The Noize Faktory is all about helping you dig into those stockpiles of new artists, and bands, and find something that moves you.  We have some good ones this week, I hope that you enjoy this one.  Remember rock and roll kills the zombie mentality, if you are feeling a bit stagnant, or just wishy washy, its time to listen to the Doctor, and get your shot full of Rock!

The Playlist:

1) Karma Go – Voodoo Hill
2) Rip It Out – Brian Tichy
3) Killer – Alice Cooper
4) Tied Up – Rival Sons
5) One Breath Away – Billy Idol
6) Summer Fires – Furr
7) Mountain High – Rbi
8) Lonely Sunday – Reignwolf
9) Midnight Gypsy – Stone Machine
10) Saviours Of The Blind – Orchid

The Noize Faktory Hour 25

The Noize Faktory Hour 25

Hello my friends, and welcome back for another episode of the Noize Faktory.  I truly appreciate your support, and the comments and messages you have been sending over.  Please don’t forget to share the link on your pages if you are enjoying the show.

This week we focus on some of the newer bands that have just been dropping their debut albums and EP’s on us.  I also have some new music from Ace Frehley, along with some recent performances from some of my favorite guitarists Leslie West and John Norum, and a track from Deep Purple’s Purpendicular album, something that you check out if you are a Purple fan.

The Playlist:

1) Animals – Tax The Heat
2) Sweet Baby Death – Mojo Wizard
3) Littlefinger – The Heavy Eyes
4) Till The End Of The Day – Ace Frehley
5) South Of The City – Red Sky Mary
6) Think Twice – Dirty Streets
7) One More Drink For The Road – Leslie West
8) When Darkness Falls – John Norum
9) Crazy – Jared James Nichols
10) Loosen My Strings – Deep Purple

The Noize Faktory – Hour 24

The Noize Faktory Hour 24

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, we have reached our 24th hour at the Noize Faktory!  In celebration I have put together a show that looks back on some of the best new albums to come out since I started the show back up 6 months ago.

Rock fans are very lucky, we have been given some great music in the last half year, and I cram in a few extra songs in this episode to make sure that I cover as many of my favorites as I can.

From new bands, to some legacy acts that many may have counted out, to those bands that are the definite future of rock, we have some incredible new albums to listen to, and even more live bands that we should all be looking forward to seeing.

Let me know your favorites from the 13 that I picked, and let me know who I am missing, I would love to find out what bands I have missed.

The Playlist:

1) Captain Love – The Winery Dogs
2) Ready For The Fall – Screaming Eagles
3) Victorious – Wolfmother
4) She’s Already Gone – Ugly Kid Joe
5) Days Of Rock And Roll – Europe
6) Last Runaway – WASP
7) Things Get Better – Monster Truck
8) Buzzards – The Sword
9) When Patsy Cline Was Crazy – Ricky Warwick
10) Empty Heart (Feat. Jimmy Barnes) – The Dead Daisies
11) War, Traffic, and Blind Faith – StoneRider
12) Oh Lorraine – The Temperance Movement
13) The Sun Never Sets – Cheap Trick

The Noize Faktory Hour 23

The Noize Faktory Hour 23

Well another week has passed, and we have witnessed more truly deplorable behavior in the news.  No matter what side of the issues you fall on, attacking innocent people, and attempting to silence free speech should truly bother you.  This kind of idiot behavior has to stop.  Funny enough, this kind of thing actually makes more people attract to the ones attempting to be stifled, so its very counter productive, but I wouldn’t expect the people a party to that to understand, they clearly are not smart enough to grasp that concept.

In good news, the Rock Hall Of Fame aired its induction ceremony this past weekend on HBO, with the edited Steve Miller speech.  Unfortunate, more censorship, but some of the performances were great.  In my opinion Cheap Trick stole the show as far as performances went, with Chicago a close second.  One of my favorite bands Deep Purple was finally inducted, kind of, with the glaring omissions of a few members, and the absence of the late Jon Lord, and legendary Blackmore.  They have continued to make great albums, but I thought that Ian Gillan struggled live, which was hard for me to watch, but the band rocked.  I was very happy to see Coverdale and Hughes be included, and it was nice that they got up for the jam with Cheap Trick at the end.  The Cheap Trick performance was loud, noisy, off the wall, and powerful as you would expect, and they have an incredible new album out called Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello! that you should all give a listen.  Chicago was slighted by the Hall as well, only inducting the original line up, ignoring guys that have been with them since the mid-eighties, and were part of some big hits, but their performance was great.  And I have to say that Kid Rock gave one of the best induction speeches in Rock Hall history for Cheap Trick!  Well done!

Now on to the music, remember play it loud!

The Playlist:

1) Lost Our Way – Tax The Heat
2) Plain – Dirty Streets
3) Joni Me & Willie D – Bad Barber
4) A Pleasant Peace I Feel – The Temperance Movement
5) Last Days Of Summer – The Answer
6) War – Black Stone Cherry
7) Promises – Cage The Gods
8) Nothing Ever Changes – Ugly Kid Joe
9) Nowhere To Hide – Galactic Superlords
10) Breadfan – Budgie