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The Noize Faktory – Episode 5


I hope that everyone had a spectacular Christmas! I am back to saving souls with rock and roll here at the Noize Faktory, and we have some good stuff for you this week. There are three debuts this week, the final show before the new year, and we revisit a couple of my favorite records of 2015 as well. February is shaping up to be a great month of rock releases, and I am excited to see what else may be on its way in 2016. Lots of great tours, and I’m sure some big announcements as the year goes forward.

Be safe on New Years, and take the Noize Faktory with you where ever you go!

Thanks to my web designer Danny Dunn for all his continued hard work and support in the relaunch of the Noize Faktory, and if you get a chance, check out his band Hell Came Home. They are a great heavy band which some of you will love!

This Weeks Playlist is:

1) Dark Energy – The Cult
2) The Rat – Twenty Two Hundred
3) Breaking Out – RavenEye
4) Victorious – Wolfmother
5) Enemy – Ugly Kid Joe
6) Oblivion – The Winery Dogs
7) The Enforcer – Monster Truck
8) Love Like Blood – Year Long Disaster
9) Early Snow – The Sword
10) House Of The Rising Sun – Geordie

The Noize Faktory – Episode 4


Merry Christmas everyone!  I am celebrating with another episode of The Noize Faktory for you, more new music to deliver your souls from the politically correct apocalypse that is that engulfing our beautiful world!

We lost one of my favorite TV shows this week, The Soup.  I know many of you probably hate it, but I truly enjoy laughing at the “celebrity” elite, along with the idiots that try to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame, and make complete asses out of themselves.  So it is with great sadness that save the final episodes on my DVR, and will have to watch them again and again to remind myself of a better time.

Thank god we have Rock And Roll!

This weeks Playlist:

1) She Sings, I Kill – Scorpion Child
2) Feeder – Red Dragon Cartel
3) She’s Too Much – The Treatment
4) Left By The Roadside To Die – Leslie West
5) Attila – Free Fall
6) Hell To Pay – Deep Purple
7) Lonely Sunday – Reignwolf
8) The Whole World’s Watching – Walking Papers
9) Waterfall – Voodoo Hill
10) Sweet Evil – Derringer

Have a safe and happy holiday, and share the gift of The Noize Faktory with your friends!

The Noize Faktory – Episode 3


Another week has gone by, and so it is time for 10 more songs on this weeks mix tape.  The Noize Faktory is my little way of sharing new music with the world, songs that need to be heard, artists that need to be heard, and Rock And Roll that needs to flow through your veins!

In todays world of idiocy and mindlessness I give you the healing elixir of Rock And Roll!  While Bob Costas sits at home dancing to the latest Justin Bieber song, and The Kardasians contemplate which one of their lives to manipulate for the worlds viewing next, The Noize Faktory delivers you the slap in the head that you need to keep you alert, and avoid the zombie infection!

I suggest taking a dose at least once a day, twice on Sundays.  Listen in the car, listen in the gym, listen in the padded cell that I know some of you are in, it doesn’t matter, everyone can be saved!  There is a new episode each Monday, so you can keep listening over and over again.

Don’t forget to check out the past interviews on the show page at

Episode 3 Playlist:

1) MP3 – Tesla

2) Figure It Out – Royal Blood

3) 30 Years to Life

4) Electric Man

5) Tall Ships – Wolfmother

6) Show Me The Light – StoneRider

7) I Always Run – Pat Travers

8) These Days – Radio Moscow

9) Only Friend – The Temperance Movement

10) Rock N’ Roll Band – The Scorpions

The Noize Faktory – Rock & Roll Is Alive!!!

The Noize Faktory Rock & Roll Is Alive Hour 2

It is time to open your hearts and minds and let the spirit of the almighty Rock & Roll permeate your souls!  The Noize Faktory returns with another power packed hour of music that is sure to save at least a small portion of your soul!

This week in my continuing version of the ultimate mix tape I have some real interesting picks for you, some artists that you will definitely know and love, whom you may not have known were still making records, because who has time to figure out this internet thing? And some new up and coming acts that are well worth your time, and downloading abilities via iTunes or Amazon or some other reputable source.  I purchase all of the music that you hear on this show myself, I am not getting it for free from the labels, these shows are truly my mix tapes.

If you took the time to listen to last weeks show, take the time and share it with your friends who enjoy this kind of music.  Spead the word.  This is a not for profit program, I do this because sharing this music with you, and hopefully seeing you turn around and buying copies of these songs or records is all that I am hoping for, and maybe even finding out that you went and supported some of these bands at a live show.  There is so much more out there than the nonsense that you are spoon fed by the masses, and are having forced down your throats by likes of the mindless sheep herders that populate television, radio, and the mass media.

I am waging war on the likes of Bob Costas, The Kardashians, Extra, and Al Sharpton through rock and roll!  The one thing that they can not tame, or control is Rock And Roll!  It lingers, no matter how hard they have tried to push it down and kill it, it bubbles under ground, quietly building, and it’s finally starting to break through and reach people around the globe.

Listen, think for yourselves, don’t accept the crap being fed to you, the drum machines and computers that do nothing but leave people in a zombie like state believing that everything that the man tells you is good for you!  See through the nonsense, and see that Rock And Roll is the only thing that has ever united people over the years in our modern world, the only thing that hasn’t been turned divisive.  The only thing that still celebrates individualism.

The Playlist:

1) War Of Kings – Europe
2) The Gypsy – Whitesnake
3) Soldierstown – Black Star Riders
4) Get Ready – Mach 22
5) Emission Control – AC/DC
6) I Am What I Am – The Answer
7) Save Me Now – Billy Idol
8) Black & White – Richards / Crane Feat. Myles Kennedy
9) I Got A Line On You – Hollywood Vampires
10) The Blame Game – Bad Barber