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Episode 24 – You Gotta Know That You Don’t Have Nine Lives!

I had fun with this weeks episode, I hope that you guys enjoy it as well.

Hour 1 – We open the show with the new supergroup, the Winery Dogs.  These guys just played Eddie Trunk’s 30th Radio Anniversary party in NYC, and I was lucky enough to be there, you will hear more about that in next weeks show.  They were amazing, and they are every bit as powerful live as you could imagine with these players in the mix.  I have some more new tunes from Walking Papers, Alice Cooper, The Cult, and Orchid.  I also play a cool rocked out cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” by The Dave Rude Band.

Hour 2 – This hour kicks off with a killer new live version of “Life In London” from Pat Travers from his new live disc LIVE FROM THE BAMBOO ROOM.  This thing comes with a DVD that really kicks ass, and Mars Cowling gets up and jams with them on the encore track, and that dude can still throw down on the bass. I play some classic tracks from Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Dokken, and Sabbath in this hour for you guys.  I also have a bone to pick with the public in general, why is it that people insist on being absolute pigs when they use a public restroom?  Make sure you take a listen to that rant, it should make you laugh.   We wind the hour down with new tracsk from Scorpion Child, Monster Truck, and Bad Barber!

Hour 3 – The final hour opens with another track from Tom Keifer’s solo disc, and a cool track from Stone Rider.  I also play some more music from Black Star Riders and Black Country Communion’s latest.  I throw some classic Rainbow in there, a track from Slade, Taddy Porter, and a cool rarely heard track from the band Saint Rose which features young Frank Sidoris who is Slash’s rhythm guitarist called “Eyes Like Fire”.  You will all love that one.  I close the show in grand Eddie Trunk fashion with some classic UFO.

Episode 23 – Howling In The Shadow Until We Start To Bite

So its about 13 days early, but Happy Halloween everyone!  This weeks episode is a little tip of the hat to Halloween and all the rock n’ roll monsters in your closets.  It is also a tip of the hat to Kiss’ 1982 classic CREATURES OF THE NIGHT.  Fitting, right?

Hour 1 – We open the show with the track “Creatures of The Night”, the first of a few songs from this record that you will hear this evening, and a great way to remember the late Eric Carr, his thunderous drum sound on this album was like nothing you had ever heard before.  I play you guys are rare track from Billy Idol, something new from The Cult, one of Cheap Trick’s most underated tracks, a little something from the Swedes in the band Graveyard, and we close the hour with a Trapeze classic redone by Black Country Communion.

Hour 2 – Kiss’ “War Machine” starts the hour, followed with a Halloween classic, “Monster Mash” done by the band Utter Lunacy.  We also have a block of songs that feature Vincent Price, or are named for him, and to close the hour we “Whisper A Prayer For The Dying” from Coverdale/Page.

Hour 3 – The last track from CREATURES OF THE NIGHT that we play this week is “Saint And Sinner”.  Did I mention how much I love that record?  I also packed this hour with some great songs from Motley Crue, Fastway, Black Sabbath, The James Gang, Edgar Winter, Golden Earring, Queensrych, TSO and we finish in grand form with the thirteen minute epic “Halloween” by Helloween!  Very Metal!

Episode 22 – I’ve Been Drinking Life, While You’ve Been Nauseous

Hour 1 – This week I open the show with the first track that any of us ever heard from the short lived super group Audioslave, the album opener “Cochise”. We roll on with another new track from Monster Truck, more new stuff from Pat Travers Band, Tom Keifer, and Todd Kerns. Classic tracks from Robin Trower, Scorpions, and a couple of rarities from Motley Crue and Year Long Disaster, and I close the hour with Whitesnake’s epic “Forevermore”.

Hour 2 – You can never go wrong with some Rolling Stones, and its even better when its a new track from the Rolling Stones, from their last release Grrrrrr!!!!. I continue on with The Rival Sons, a little Zeppelin, a odd 4th side track from Kiss, an epic James Gang cut, and a classic from AC/DC. I also feature a track from Iommi’s album FUSED, featuring Glenn Hughes on vocals. Rob Zombie closes the hour with a new track called “Revelation Revolution”.

Hour 3 – The third and final hour of the show has some new music from Scorpion Child, Winery Dogs, Walking Papers, S.U.N., and Kadavr. I dig into some older covers and play you a track from Sebastian Bach with Twisted Sister backing him up, and The Organization doing a Steely Dan cover. Iron Maiden closes the show with their classic “Wrathchild”.

Episode 21 – They Take Everything I’m Givin’

Thanks for logging in for this weeks episode. Its chuck full of music, and a little ranting as well. Recorded this one in Vegas again, I think that is 4 episodes now recorded while I was in Vegas this year. That is probably two too many!

Hour 1 – Brand New Sin starts off the show with their single “The Lord Came Down”. These guys mean a lot to me, and so does this album. I began working with the guys after they recorded their independent release DISTILLED, which may be their best record in my opinion. After some touring, we began to work on putting together the material for what would become United State, which I believe is their best sounding release to date, with some incredible songs on it. I was given the credit as executive producer, but I was just one of a great team that helped the band shape these songs. In this hour we have tracks from StoneRider, Pride & Glory, ZZ Top, Free, and Graveyard to name just a few.

Hour 2 – Mountain starts off the hour with their studio version of “Southbound Train” off the original Leslie West MOUNTAIN album. I have Steve Tyler in his pre-Aerosmith band Chain Reaction doing “When I Needed You”, and we debut the title track from the movie “Nothing Left To Fear” which is an incredibly haunting track from Slash and Myles Kennedy. The hour features more music from Cactus, Savatage, Winery Dogs, Voodoo Six, and Walking Papers.

Hour 3 – Well I have a bit of rant that I included in this hour, I hope that I don’t get too much grief for it, but it was well deserved, and just beyond idiotic the silliness that I was listening to. So I get to unload it here, and I feel much better. I have some tracks from Twenty Two Hundred, Ugly Kid Joe, Living Colour, Tesla, Gov’t Mule, and Jake E. Lee, and a lot more!