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Jon Oliva Returns With His First Solo Album RAISE THE CURTAIN

Jon Oliva is best known as the longtime frontman of Savatage, and later as the musical mastermind of TSO.  Since Savatage has gone on hiatus Jon has busied himself with several projects, including Jon Oliva’s Pain.  Pain featured riffs that Jon’s late brother Criss had left behind on tape over the years.  Jon dedicated the Pain project and his projects after Savatage to be a conduit to release all of the music that he and Criss had left unfinished.  RAISE THE CURTAIN is the final installment of Criss’ ideas, which brings an end to a long chapter of the Oliva’s work together.  Criss has just recently started getting credit for his amazing guitar work, and Jon has done his brother a great honor by sticking to his promise to share the music that he left behind with his fans.  This album mixes the last of Criss’ ideas with more originals from Jon, and the different genres and elements of the Oliva’s writing over the years, and their many influences.  If you are a fan of Savatage and the way that they evolved over the years this CD covers it all.

Here is the official lyric video for “Father Time” which is featured in hour 1 of this weeks episode of the Noize Faktory.

Oliva – “Father Time”


Eric Carr – Happy 63rd Birthday July 12

July 12th would have been the 63rd birthday of the late Mr. Eric Carr.  As a Kiss fan growing up Eric had a huge impact on me, my first two records were LICK IT UP and the unmatchable CREATURES OF THE NIGHT.  From the intro of the title track to the last ringing chord of “War Machine” Eric’s thunder is absolutely undeniable.  That record is the record that defined Kiss to me, and much of that was because of Eric’s incredible playing.  I finally got to see Kiss live in 1990 on the Hot In The Shade tour, Eric’s last tour with the band.  The setlist was incredible, they played for over 2 hours, and touched on every era of the band, we even got to listen in while they did “I Was Made For Loving You” during soundcheck, which they hadn’t yet added to the set, it was much like the rocked up version which later appeared on ALIVE III.

Eric’s memory lives on in his music, and the millions of Kiss fans that cherish everything he brought to the band, including all the time that he spent with his fans.  I recently added a special piece of Eric memorabilia to my personal collection, one of his RIAA gold records for CREATURES OF THE NIGHT.


Here is a clip of Eric on stage with Kiss performing “Young And Wasted” from Animalize Uncensored in 1984.


Kiss – “Young And Wasted” Live 1984 Eric Carr on Vocals



Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe

Red Rider was the brain child of Tom Cochrane.  Their 2nd album AS FAR AS SIAM came out in 1981, and yielded the classic “Lunatic Fringe”.  After a solid run of albums the band broke up in 1989.  Cochrane later went on to write “Life Is A Highway” as a solo artist some 10 years after his big hit with Red Rider.  In 2002 the core of the band reunited and has been touring ever since.  Here is the classic video clip of Red Rider’s “Lunatic Fringe”.

Red Rider – “Lunatic Fringe” Offical Video


Episode 9 We’re All On Guard This Time Against The Final Solution


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Noize Faktory. Our audience continues to grow. Please feel free to send comments and requests to, and if you want to be on the show, send me your message in an MP3 format.

Hour one kicks off with a couple of great rarities, a track from Badlands’ 3rd and final album Dusk, that was never officially released in the US, and a bootleg of an unreleased Brother Cane song from the Seeds sessions. I go back to the early years of Def Leppard for a track from High N’ Dry, then wrap the hour with a few new tracks from Mach 22, Deep Purple, and Slash. We also have a killer new track from Savatage mastermind Jon Oliva’s new solo CD Raise The Curtain, my new CD of the week.

Got some more great new music in hour two from Todd Kerns, Twenty Two Hundred, Alice in Chains, and Pat Travers. We also have some great tracks from The Smithereens, Union, Motorhead, Faith No More, Cactus and the Rival Sons.

Hour 3 launches with another new song from Queensryche, “Where Dreams Go To Die”, and a few fun covers from Glenn Hughes and Jake E. Lee, and Whitesnake. We also have a new tune from The Temperance Movement, along with songs from Rainbow, Focus, Free, and Taddy Porter. And in grand humorous fashion we close the show with Tuff’s “American Hairband”, their parody of Kid Rock’s “American Badass”.

UFO – “Self Made Man” Live From The Astoria 1998

In 1996 UFO released their reunion CD Walk On Water.  I was doing college radio at the time and this CD was very much my first introduction into UFO.  I know!  Very late in the game, but it was the original lineup, and the CD also features re-recordings of “Doctor, Doctor” and “Lights Out” just to remind the uneducated at the time of a couple of the songs that made them icons.

Here is a fan shot live clip of the track “Self Made Man” from the Astoria in 1998, on the Sharks tour.  Sharks was the last album with the original line up, and you can see a dark haired Schenker just tearing it up in this clip.


UFO – “Self Made Man” – Live at the Astoria 1998



Ugly Kid Joe – “So Damn Cool”

As promised in this weeks episode, here is the official video for Ugly Kid Joe’s “So Damn Cool”.  In the words of Whit Crane the bands lead singer “we were the most hated band in the world”, but their new EP has shown that they have a much more loyal fanbase then first thought.  UKJ is a band of very accomplished players, with a dirty rock sound that mixes in funk, and attitude for days.  They are a band that I encourage some of you to dig a little deeper with.  I have always loved the fact that they never took themselves too seriously, and just wrote catchy, hooky rock songs.

Ugly Kid Joe – “So Damn Cool” Official Video


Episode 8 – There’s A Rule You’ll Find…Only The Strong Survive


I want to thank all the new followers for checking out the Todd Kerns episode last week, and for those of you that are coming back, here is what the Noize Faktory is all about week to week!  The best rock and roll anywhere!   Fans of Todd’s will definitely enjoy this show on a regular basis, and you guys should dig into the archives for some more great stuff from past episodes.

Hour 1 features new tracks from Black Star Riders, Monster Truck’s new epic “For The Sun”, and the debut of brand new Queensryche!  The self titled CD is out now, and for those long time Queensryche fans you will not be disappointed.  We also have some great songs from UFO, King’s X, Blue Murder, and a special dedication to one of friends from the road!

Hour 2 has a couple of new tracks from Tom Keifer and Black Sabbath, and some lost classics from Tommy Bolin and the Scorpions.  I also threw in a great live track from Paul Stanley on his 2006 solo tour, a killer version of the Kiss track “Magic Touch”.

Hour 3 starts out with one of my favorite Blue Oyster Cult tracks “Take Me Away”, you may not know it, but you should!  We have a couple more new tracks for you from the Winery Dogs and The Cult, and some cool covers from Leslie West, Pat Travers, and Tesla.

Three great hours of rock with bands from the 60’s to today!  Enjoy, and leave your comments with me at, and if you want to be in the next show email me an audio file with your comments or requests in MP3 format!

The Conspirators – “Not For Me” Acoustic

Todd Kerns performed a release party in Las Vegas at Vamp’d on June 2nd, and was joined by fellow Conspirators Frank Sidoris and Brent Fitz.  They did a full set of songs from Todd’s career and even threw in “Not For Me” from Apocalyptic Love, this is from soundcheck at that release party.

Here is an audience video of the song.

The Conspirators – “Not For Me” Acoustic


Todd Kerns Performing “The Devil In Me” On The Fox

Todd Kerns has been out doing a little press for his new CD, Borrowing Trouble, and here is a clip of him performing “The Devil In Me” live on the air at The Fox.  You can hear the studio recording here on the Noize Faktory, and you can pick up the CD Borrowing Trouble, along with the EP Near Life Experience at Pledge Music!

Go get it!  What are you waiting for?

Todd Kerns – “The Devil In Me” Live On The Fox