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Union feat. Brent Fitz on Drums – “Old Man Wise”

Union was a band formed by Bruce Kulick, ex-Kiss, and John Corabi ex-Motley Crue / ex-Scream.  They picked up a young unknown drummer by the name of Brent Fitz.  This is a live clip of Union from their DVD Do Your Own Thing.  “Old Man Wise” is the lead single off the debut CD from Union, and Brent’s drumming is a prominent feature of the song.  This was a great band, who I think should still be making records together.

Union – “Old Man Wise” Live


Episode 11 – Artist Feature – Brent Fitz Of Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators


Very excited to have my good friend Brent Fitz with us this week.  Brent is with me for the entire 3 hours of the show as we work our way through his incredible journey in the music business.  Brent shares some great stories with us about his time with Union, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil and of course Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.  We also play some tracks from some of the other recordings that he has been a part of over the years including Karl Cochoran’s Voodooland, Econoline Crush, ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick’s solo albums, and Beggars & Thieves to name a few.

I think this interview could have filled 5 hours easily as Brent has had some great opportunities in his career to play with many iconic characters, including the late Ronnie Montrose.  There are many things that we couldn’t get to, but I think it is one of the best interviews that I have ever done.  Lots of great stories and laughs, and some incredible music to go along with it all.

Hour 1 starts off with some of the current tracks from Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators’ Apocalyptic Love, some of the live tracks from the tour for the self titled Slash solo disc, and we finish the hour with tracks from Union’s self titled debut.

Hour 2 covers the rest of Union’s recordings, a killer Priest cover that Brent did with Vince Neil, and a couple of tracks from the Voodooland CD, Give Me Air.

Hour 3 includes some bootleg live Alice Cooper recordings, not the greatest recording quality, but still a fun listen, a track from Econoline Crush, and a few from Bruce Kulick’s BK 3 album.  We have a track from Beggars & Thieves and we finish with two number 1 hits, “You’re A Lie” and “Standing In The Sun” from Apocalyptic Love.

Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?”

Black Sabbath returns with their first new CD with Ozzy on vocals since Never Say Die.  The first song that they dropped on the world is the track that starts Hour 2 this week, “God Is Dead?”.   If you haven’t heard the CD yet and you like the music that we play here on the Noize Faktory then you must get it in gear and pick up 13.  My favorite track on the CD is “Damaged Soul”, but I really enjoyed the entire thing from start to finish, and the deluxe edition features 3 bonus tracks that are just as strong as everything on the CD.

Here is the video that the band put together for the track “God Is Dead?”, enjoy the macabre!

Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?” – Official Video


Scorpion Child – “Liquor”

My pick of the week is a new band from Austin, TX, don’t be afraid, they aren’t a hipster band, they are a powerhouse rock band called Scorpion Child.  Their debut CD is out on Nuclear Blast Records, and it will not disappoint.  I found the band via Amazon, they recomended it to me based on my vast collection of incredible music (this may be slightly sarcastic).  The album features 10 tracks, and there is a bonus track on itunes as well.  You will be hearing a lot of these guys on upcoming shows, but this week we debut the band with the song “Liquor”.  I have attached the official lyric video for your viewing pleasure, and you can check out hour 3 of this weeks Noize Faktory to hear the track at the top of the hour.

Go get this CD!

Scorpion Child – “Liquor”



Andrew Stockdale – “Long Way To Go”

You may know Andrew Stockdale as the leader, writer, and sole identifiable member of the Australian rock band Wolfmother who’s hit “Woman” catapulted them onto the scene.  Andrew was also the vocalist on guitarist Slash’s first solo single “By The Sword”.  With the release of his new solo album Andrew continues to impress with his mix of modern rock and that classic 70’s sound.

The album is entitled Keep Moving, its 16 songs of pure rock n’ roll in its truest form.  16 songs is a great buy, that’s alot of entertainment for your dollar.  Wolfmother established Andrew as a singer with an outrageous range, capable of doing almost in-human things, this solo endeavor establishes Andrew as a great song writer.  His influences are all on display in grand form on this album, from the Zeppelin-esque rhythms and the Plant screams, to almost Dylan like lyrics and delivery on some songs, along with a few ZZ Top inspired grooves.  My favorite thing about this disc is the array of songs, and just how strong they all are.

This week we debut “Long Way To Go” on the Noize Faktory right in hour 1, and I have attached the link to the video for the song.  This one is one of my two albums of the week.

Andrew is on tour right now, so if he is coming through a club in your area, get out and support him, he is in the US starting this week.

Andrew Stockdale – “Long Way To Go” Official Video


UFO – “Rock Bottom” Live 1975

This weeks title song is UFO’s “Rock Bottom”.  Hands down one of the greatest rock guitar riffs of all time, and Michael Schenker’s solo is in my opinion one of his best.  The energy that Pete Way brings to the song, and the great lyric from Phil Moog.  Here is a great live clip of UFO from 1975 performing the incredible “Rock Bottom”.  Watch it, love it!

UFO – “Rock Bottom” Live 1975


Episode 10 – Lucifer Goes Walkin’ Down For You To Meet


Welcome to our 10th episode, “Lucifer Goes Walkin’ Down For You To Meet”.  If you have been wondering where I get the titles for the episodes, they are lines from some of the songs in first block of the show.  The music that I play on this show can be brilliant lyrically, or complete nonsense, and its all classic!

Hour 1 features new music from Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother), Chris Buck & The Bighorns and The Rival Sons. I also have some classics from Van Halen, UFO, Joe Satriani, Montrose and more.  This entire show is chuck full of music, and I always have at least one album classic from the vault.

In Hour 2 I  have another new one from Black Sabbath, along with a new track from Black Country Communion’s Afterglow CD, and the title track from Black Star Riders CD, “All Hell Breaks Loose”.   I was in a Sabbath mood this week, so I also have a track from Heaven & Hell in this hour, along with a couple of great album tracks from early Whitesnake and later Humble Pie, and we finish the hour with an unreleased track from Audioslave’s first record.  You won’t hear that anywhere else.

Hour 3 rolls on with a brand new track from Austin, Texas’ Scorpion Child, let me know what you think of this one!  I  also have new tracks from Monster Truck and Queensryche, and a rare track from Tesla.  To finish out the show this week I leave you with Oliva, and the closing track from his CD, “Can’t Get Away”.

Next week we have an artist feature show with Drummer Brent Fitz of Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

Cactus – “Evil” Live At BB Kings

After 30 years Cactus reunited to play their first live show at B.B. Kings in NY.  This is a live clip of the band performing their best known track “Evil”.  The band originally featured Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck alongside Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert.  After Beck was involved in a car accident, and Stewart decided to join the Faces, Appice and Bogert brought in guitarist Jim McCarty of Mitch Ryder, and vocalist Rusty Day from the Amboy Dukes.  In this clip Jimmy Kunes is on vocals for the late Rusty Day.  I love the song, not so sure how much I love the drum solo in the middle of this thing, but Carmine does play the track like the original recording.

Cactus – “Evil” Live At B.B. Kings

cactus bengali band

Motorhead & Girlschool – “Please Don’t Touch”

In hour 2 this week you can hear Lemmy and Motorhead with Girlschool doing “Please Don’t Touch”, here is a television clip of them doing the song together on some European TV show.  This is a rare clip of them together promoting the song.  Enjoy!

Motorhead & Girlschool – “Please Don’t Touch”


Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – “Anastasia”

After spending the better part of 5 years working with Slash, and hearing so much of his catalog performed live night after night, the first time I heard the track “Anastasia” I was blown away.  Slash began working on the bits and pieces of this song in his solos during the Slash Tour of 2010 and 2011.  By the end of the tour the band was ready to go in and start work on the Apocalyptic Love album.  Slash had constructed the intro and song structure for Anastasia, and all that was left was for Myles to go in and add an incredible melody and vocal.  The song became a staple of the live shows from the very start of  the albums tour, and was clearly a fan favorite from the first time it was played.  Here is a great video of “Anastasia” performed live in Sydney during the 2012 sold out Australian tour.

Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – “Anastasia” Live in Sydney