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Pat Travers With A Full Band Version of “Death Letter”

At the end of the first hour of music on the Noize Faktory this week, I closed with Pat Travers’ studio version of the Son House haunting classic “Death Letter”.  It comes off of his most recent studio release called BLUES ON FIRE.  Pat does his take on some of the best early blues classics, and you can hear the tunes that Zeppelin lifted some of their stuff from in a whole new way.

I found this fan video of Travers and his band on tour from last year doing a completely different arrangement of the track, and its just as killer!

Check out Pat’s more recent stuff, lots of covers, but his take on some classic songs can be heard on PT Power Trio 1 and 2, and the most recent album, BLUES ON FIRE.


Pat Travers – “Death Letter” Live


Robin Trower – “Bridge Of Sighs”

Here is another track that you will hear in this weeks episode of the Noize Faktory, the incredible Robin Trower doing his classic “Bridge Of Sighs”.

Robin Trower “Bridge Of Sighs” – 1974 Live On The BBC



This King Biscuit show is one of the best Live CD’s you will ever hear.  Highly recommend it.

Episode 5 Debuts Black Star Riders

The Black Star Riders are a band born out of the latest incarnation of Thin Lizzy.  Deciding to change the bands name as they wrote and recorded new music to preserve the legacy of Phil Lynott’s beloved band, Scott Gorham along with band mates Damon Johnson, Marco Mendoza, and vocalist Ricky Warrick have put together an impressive album.  All Hell’s Breaking Loose would have been an incredible Thin Lizzy record, and I am sure that as Phil listens from above he is smiling.

Here is a great clip of Damon and Ricky performing an acoustic take on the debut single “Bound For Glory”.

Black Star Riders – “Bound For Glory” Acoustic


Whitesnake – “Love Will Set You Free” – Forevermore

The new episode is up, and our opening track this week is from Mr. Coverdale, and his band of Snakes.  They released Forevermore in 2011, and have been touring solidly on it for 2 years.  They have a pair of new live CD’s that have just been released as well.  “Love Will Set You Free” was the first single off the CD, and here is the video that went along with it.

Whitesnake – “Love Will Set You Free” – Forevermore


Episode 5 – Guilty Pleasures Take Up All My Time And Space


Let me start by thanking everyone that has been listening to the shows thus far. We had a great response to the show with Tony Cardenas-Montana, and we have some other great interview shows coming up in the next few weeks, but this week you are stuck with me!

Hour 1 features some great new songs, and a couple of songs that definitely deserve more attention on radio. We start off with Whitesnake, and the first single off of their most recent studio release Forevermore, an album that reminds me of Whitesnake of old, particularly the Slide It In era. We debut the new track from Black Star Riders, the band that came out of Thin Lizzy. The new CD All Hell’s Breaking Loose will not disappoint you if you are a fan of Thin Lizzy, the first single is called “Bound For Glory”. We also have a track from an exceptional new band from the UK called The Temperance Movement, fans of Humble Pie and Free should be very impressed. Of course all of these new tracks are mixed with some great classics from Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Robin Trower, Mountain, and more just to name a few. We wrap the hour with an incredible version of Son House’s “Death Letter” by none other than Pat Travers, from his newest studio offereing Blues On Fire.

Hour 2 starts off with a little tribute to the late Alvin Lee of Ten Years after, Alvin passed recently and I think its only right that we spotlight some of his great work. We then offer up the new single from Monster Truck, off of their new CD, which is out now, called Furiosity. From a new band to a classic band with a brand new CD, Deep Purple, the song “Vincent Price”, check out the video on the home page as well. Before the end of the hour we have another new track from Ugly Kid Joe’s recent EP as well.

Hour 3 features even more new tracks for you, including another cut from Zeppelin’s Celebration Day live release, the debut of Brian Tichy and Sass Jordan’s new act S.U.N. here on the Noize Faktory, and a killer song from the new CD by Cinderella front man Tom Keifer. Lots of other great tracks from UFO, Rival Sons, Gov’t Mule and more!

Enjoy every minute, and don’t forget we need your “likes” on Facebook, and you can follow us on Twitter as well.

Thank You Tony Cardenas-Montana For Being The First Artist Feature On The Noize Faktory

Well we are getting ready for the next episode of the Noize Faktory to go up on Friday, and I wanted to thank Tony for being our first Artist Feature.  The interview and the show got a great response, and you all got to hear some incredible and diverse music that Tony has been a part of over the years.  We close the show with the Tony penned “Call It Rock N’ Roll” from Great White’s Hooked album, and so here is the video to close out the week of posts that have gone along with the show.  You will hear much more from Tony on future episodes of the Noize Faktory, and you should check out the upcoming Kiss tribute CD, A World With Heroes, which is coming out through Pledge Music. Tony and Chris Buck do an incredible version of “Sure Know Something”.

Great White – “Call It Rock N’ Roll”


Tony Cardenas-Montana Creates The Monster Circus

Tony came to me with an idea for a over the top production rock show with a cast of known rock icons in about 2004.  We spent time throwing ideas around, trying to find the right people to work with, and finding the players to make it a really diverse and exciting group.  Finally we thought we had everything we needed, and we put on a showcase in Las Vegas on Dec 9th of 2008.  The three bootleg tracks that you hear in hour two of this weeks Noize Faktory come from each of the months that the show performed in Las Vegas.

The band for the showcase was Tony (Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal), John Corabi (Guitar/Lead Vocal), Bruce Kulick (Lead Guitar), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), and Bobby Rock (drums).  When we launched the full show in March, which was incredibly difficult, Fred Coury was in the fold on drums, and then in April, Dave Kushner from Velvet Revolver came in to fill in for Bruce who was touring with Grand Funk.  Corabi had the quote of the run in an interview, he said “yeah we asked for the guitarist from Velvet Revolver, and this is who we got!”  Dave played his ass off, and they all had a great time working together.

On a personal note, for me, it was huge to be able to put together a band of guys whose records and careers were part of my formative years and get to work with them all on this level.  Each of them are incredible people, and it truly had some magic that I wish you all could have seen.


Monster Circus Showcase Clip



Anna’s Brother – Here are some clips from Tony’s band Anna’s Brother. We are hoping to release these songs very soon on itunes or in an EP format.

Check out hour 2 of this weeks Noize Faktory episode to hear more from Tony’s project Anna’s Brother.

Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana) – “Used To Be” Official Video

Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana) – “Sadi”

Promo Shot of Anna’s Brother (feat. Tony Cardenas-Montana)